How did I get here?

I don’t consider myself strictly a designer. I consider myself a person that just loves learning new things, making cool stuff, and making them work well.

My professional background has a little variety. I’ve taught English in Japan, managed the floor at a restaurant, lived the office life doing data entry, etc. One thing that stayed true throughout is I’ve always been designing and optimizing the experience for myself and everyone involved through research, trial and error, and feedback.

I’m a strong proponent of self learning, especially these days with the plethora of information at our fingertips, but sometimes you need a little push to give you that excited accountability to get the ball rolling, which led me to RED Academy where I had the pleasure of working with clients to design apps and websites that have a strong impact on the community.

What am I doing here?

My passions are in psychology, tech, and any interactive experiences whether it be apps, video games, VR, or interactive installations.

I specialize in deep dive research and finding the balance between usability and delight. My two mantras are “why?” And “what if” and I believe the best way to go at those questions is to test early, test often, fail fast, and find improvements. I also enjoy designing with delight in mind with purposeful animations.

I’m a tinkerer at heart and I’ll tinker with anything I can get my hands on, including all the tools of the trade. Figuring out smooth and efficient workflows and finding useful plugins is one of the things I do in my free time for fun! At the same time I enjoy viewing the design process holistically. From research, to design, to having an understanding of front end code for a better connection with developers.

Do you think we’ll be a good fit?
Drop me a line!